Outdoor Furnace Insulated Pipe

Outback Heating is proud to offer two types of insulated pipe for use in outdoor wood furnace installations.

Insul-Seal Insulated PVC

In climates where temperatures drop below freezing more often then not, insulation is a necessity, not a luxury.

Before now, the only way to insulate pipe was to cut sheets of insulation, then attempt to fit them around the pipe. When back-filling, there was no guarantee that shifting soil and rocks would not move or collapse the insulation, thus allowing the cold to infiltrate the system.

Insulated PVC pipe, using an application of urethane foam to surround PVC pipe and encasing this in a polyethylene sleeve, forms a “single unit” insulated water / sewer line. This virtually eliminates the need to re-dig lines and correct slipped insulation… saving time and money.

REHAU Insulated Pex Pipe

Outdoor wood boiler insulated RAUPEX pipe is specially designed for the efficient transfer of hot water from outdoor wood boilers to residential and light commercial buildings such as barns and workshops. A flexible alternative to rigid pipe, outdoor wood boiler pipe offers ease of installation combined with the long-term performance of REHAU’s RAUPEX 02 Barrier PEXa pipe for hydronic heating applications.

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